Financial Management

Regardless of the size or the business of your company you will find from us the exact service you need for your company. Should you wish for a complete Financial Service solution or a Selected Service Solution, we will be able to build a solutions suited to your exact needs and requirements to manage your financial services in the most cost effective way.

In addition to the E-Financial Management, you have also the possibility to choose traditional Financial Services.

Service Packages

Our Financial Management Services are always built to answer the customers needs and requirements. The following packages are available from Sanbon:

Core Services

Should you wish to manage the invoicing process, we will provide the available programs via the Internet for your use in order to record electronically Account Payable and Accounts Receivable data. Should you wish, we can also manage the calculation and payroll payments of all the salaries on your behalf also from your accounts.

Extra Addition Services

If you wish to manage certain processes for example, billing and sales ledger or a payroll administration by yourself, while we manage other processes from the financial management on your behalf, we can provide the programs required for those processes you wish to manage. The purchase invoices in electric form – we send electronically your approval and after your authorization we execute all the payments according to an agreed schedule. If you need cost pool follow-up, project follow-up or budget follow-up, we will customize this according to your needs.

Comprehensive Services

We are the finance department, financial manager and controller of your company. We will manage the whole financial management and payroll administration of your company completely and professionally. With you, we will design the future of your company together, and provide the means of achieving those objectives from planning, design, scheduling, follow-up and reporting.

Value Added Services

With the help of Value Added Services your service becomes a more complete the financial management, which corresponds to your needs. The budgeting and the Budget Follow-up, Cost Accounting, Project follow-up, Customized Reportings, Analysis of Financial Statements, Cash-Flow Analysis and in addition to this, the value added service will include Forecasting Analysis, Investment Calculations and Company Calculations.